Structured Cabling Solutions

Backbone & Structured Cabling

Datwyler, est. 1915, is a Swiss-based global manufacturer of high-quality IT infrastructure solutions for Enterprise, Co-Location and Managed Data Centre & Network Service providers.

They manufacture superior performance products that offer headroom, to make sure your communications & building automation systems are always running smoothly -  Now and in the future!

RJ45 Copper

Datwyler’s copper cabling solutions set standards for quality, reliability and performance. They provide headroom for new applications, enabling you to exploit the full potential of your converged network

The comprehensive product range extends from single cables and components to complete end-to-end systems

Fibre Solutions

Datwyler has a comprehensive offering of fibre optic cables, components and harnessing services for high-density, high-speed data networks, broadband & data centre solutions


All Datwyler IT cabling solutions are covered by a 25-year system warranty and the DCS4U extended warranty

Datwyler Standard Solution

FO-DCS is a future-proof, preassembled plug-and-go fibre optic solution characterised by high-quality cables and components and a high-precision connector assembly. Its outstanding optical and geometric values make it suitable for all current and future high-speed applications in data centres. Modular components can be combined as required, thus providing users with the ultimate in design flexibility

Datwyler Premier Solution

The HD-DCS offers users the same quality features as the FO-DCS plus more than twice the port density and even greater flexibility. The housings have integrated cable management, which makes installation and maintenance easier. Port labelling is also simpler and more flexible

Standard Performance Features

Simple installation with intuitive labelling & easy access from the front

High quality 3U/7HP plug-in modules

Connectivity solutions with MTP, LDC & LCQ

High quality 3U/7HP plug-in modules

Simple integration of copper connections

Premier Performance Features

Extremely compact solution with maximum port density (MTP & LCD)

Flexible assembly with plug-in modules of different size/port density

Integrated cable management and labelling system

Compact patch cables (2 mm) with push-pull tabs

Patch and breakout cables with CPR classification

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