Hardware Installations,

Remote Hands & Break/Fix

Our team has an abundance of experience installing an array of data centre hardware. The range of manufacturers is vast, including all the main brands such as HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco & Arista. We offer quality installation services covering the smallest 1U switch to large, heavy blade frame chassis'. All devices are installed in accordance to our extremely high data centre standards ensuring your data centre runs as efficiently as possible with zero issues

The standard of cabling & patching services within a lot of data centres is something that can be neglected if the right staff are not tasked with completing the job. This often leads to a big headache, wasted time and a loss of service when connectivity issues occur, below are some very common standards we see....

All our engineers recognise how important this task is and take every effort to deploy exceptional cabling standards utilising colour coded cabling routes and power cords to differentiate importance of service and A/B power feed configurations

Remote Hands & Break/Fix

We fully grasp the urgency of swiftly resolving any service disruptions resulting from hardware failures. Balancing critical incident support across a complex co-location customer base within SLA can pose significant challenges.

At DCS4U, our dedicated technical engineers are available around the clock to support all your physical IT requirements, especially during hardware failure events, leveraging our reliable remote hands services.

Device Reboots/Configuration

ILO/iDrac configuration & Remote Access Issues

Hardware Component Replacements

Connection/Link Loss Issues/Testing

Tape/Media Backup Rotations

Our Engineers at DCS4U are flexible & reliable 24x7x365