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Interact is a machine learning application that provides mid-tier and enterprise data centres with tailored recommendations to significantly lower costs, optimise energy efficiency and increase sustainability in their server estate

Originally developed through a partnership between the University of East London and following published IEEE research into server efficiency, Interact is a unique product in today's data centre market

Interact Provides

Analysis of your current IT Hardware with Non-Intrusive Software

3-5 year projections on cost, energy usage & carbon footprint

Vendor Neutral IT Hardware recommendations

Cost modelling on procurement, maintenance & energy usage


Customer Feedback

"Cost savings were up to 53%, energy savings between 34-58% and carbon savings anywhere from 34-46%.  These are great figures in anyone's book and I can see a real use for them, not just lift & shift, but also for rack level consolidation and informing our five-year strategy on server refresh"

"Helping data centres increase energy efficiency, decrease costs and reduce the environmental impact of their IT hardware is a huge game changer"

Interact Case Study's

CEDaCI Case Study

UK Case Study

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